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    Protocol on Fisheries (2006)

    SADC recognises the important role of fisheries in the social and economic well-being and livelihood of the people of the region, in ensuring food security and alleviating poverty. Therefore to support national initiatives taken and international conventions for the sustainable use and protection of the living aquatic resources and aquatic environment of the region, SADC Member States signed the Protocol on Fisheries in 2001.

    The Protocol emphasizes the responsibilities of Member States, international relations as well as the effective management of shared resources. In signing this Protocol the Member States agree to harmonise their domestic legislation with particular reference to fisheries and the management shared resources, to take adequate measure to optimize fisheries law enforcement resources and thus protect aquaculture and the aquatic environment and safeguard the livelihood of fishing communities.

    • SADC_Protocol_on_Fisheries.pdf

      Type: Protocols

      Date Signed: 2001-08-14

      Entry Into Force: 2003-08-08

      Place: Gaborone, Botswana

      Theme tags: Agriculture & Food Security, Fisheries