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    Sexual And Reproductive Health for SADC 2006-2015

    Youth issues and the HIV pandemic both directly impact sexual and reproductive health in Southern Africa. With these concerns at the forefront of its initiatives, SADC developed its Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy 2006-2015 in TK as a means of prioritising sexual and reproductive health services for the improved quality of life of the region’s citizens.

    The Strategy provides a policy framework and guidelines for healthy sexual and reproductive life in the region. Within the context of other policy frameworks, the Strategy sets out targets and priorities for the region’s sexual and reproductive health services. It advocates strengthening the capacity of SADC Member States to provide national health services, harmonising policies with other protocols throughout the region and world, and enhancing exchange of information and best practices. Using a human rights-based approach, the Strategy prioritises services for vulnerable populations while strengthening systems for health and resource mobilisation, including public-private partnerships.