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    SADC Multi-country Agricultural Productivity Programme (MAPP) Document

    Agriculture in the SADC region is the primary source of subsistence, employment and income
    for 61 percent of the peoples of the region. Despite a diversified natural resource base, overall
    agricultural growth and productivity have remained low over the past twenty years. The urgent
    implementation of broad-based programmes to reverse the overall decline in the productivity of
    the agriculture sector is a central priority in setting SADC Member States on the path of fast
    economic growth and poverty reduction. The diversity of the region’s farming and livelihood
    systems presents great challenges to policymakers in formulating sound agriculture development
    strategies. But, even given this diversity, many countries in the region share similar problems
    and opportunities. Cooperation in some of these key areas can yield significant benefits – as can
    greater economic integration by taking advantage of natural comparative advantages.

    SADC MAPP is designed as a comprehensive 15-year programme of change, arranged around
    three 5 year phases. The overall programme goal is to bring about pluralistic and strengthened
    agricultural technology generation and dissemination, together with strengthening linkages
    among agricultural institutions in the SADC region in order to accelerate smallholder
    productivity. The result will be market- and smallholder-responsive and accessible agricultural
    technologies which will create agricultural growth, and increase incomes especially amongst the
    rural poor.