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    • Protocol on Health (1999)

      Entry Into Force: 2004-08-18

      Date Signed: 1999-08-18

      Type: Protocols

      Issues: HIV & AIDS

      Themes: Disaster Risk Management, Health, Pharmaceuticals, Communicable Diseases, Non-communicable Diseases, Social & Human Development

      A healthy population is a pre–requisite for the sustainable human development and increased productivity in a country. SADC recognises that close co-operation in the area of health is essential for the effective control of communicable and non-communicable diseases for addressing common concerns within the region.


    • Protocol on Politics, Defence and Security (2001)

      Entry Into Force: 2004-03-02

      Date Signed: 2001-08-14

      Type: Protocols

      Themes: Politics, Defence & Security, Politics and Diplomacy, Defence, Police (SARPCCO), State Security, Regional Peacekeeping, Disaster Risk Management

      In 1996, SADC created the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security – an institutional framework for coordinating policies and activities on politics, defence, and security. However, the Organ operated without a legal framework and clear objectives until SADC passed the Protocol on Politics, Defence and Security Co-operation on 14th August 2001.

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    • SADC Disaster Risk Reduction Pre -Season Workshop Outcomes and Recommendations 2010

      Date Signed: 2010-10-05

      Type: Documents & Publications, SADC Technical & Thematic Reports

      Themes: Disaster Risk Management

      The outcomes and recommendations of the pre-season preparedness planning held under the the theme ' Strengthning Partnership for Effective Disaster Risk Reduction'.

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    • Media Advisory on Sub-Regional Platform 28-29 November 2013

      Date Signed: 2013-11-30

      Type: Documents & Publications, Media Releases & Statements

      Themes: Disaster Risk Management

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