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    • Declaration on Productivity (1999)

      Date Signed: 1999-08-18

      Type: Documents & Publications, Declarations

      Themes: Economic Development

      As economic cooperation among Member States is central to SADC’s mission, the low levels of productivity throughout the region are disconcerting. Poor economic growth, investment, and employment can have negative impacts on a region’s social and economic development. In order to increase productivity in the region, SADC passed its Declaration on Productivity in the Southern African Development Community on 18th August 1999.

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    • The Free Trade Area leaflet

      Date Signed: 2010-01-01

      Type: Documents & Publications, SADC Technical & Thematic Reports

      Themes: Themes, Economic Development, Trade in Goods, Industry

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    • SADC Review - Study into the illicit trade in excisable products

      Date Signed: 2012-11-01

      Themes: Economic Development, Trade in Goods, Finance, Investment

      The illicit trade in alcohol and tobacco products has significant implications for tax revenues, health and social objectives and spending as well as for the profitability and expansion of legitimate businesses and consequences for employment, crime and respect for the law

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    • Harmonised Consumer Price Index Newsletter, March 2013

      Date Signed: 2013-04-29

      Type: Documents & Publications, Newsletters

      Themes: Themes, Economic Development, Macro-Economic Convergence

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