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    • Protocol Against Corruption (2001)

      Entry Into Force: 2003-08-06

      Date Signed: 2001-08-14

      Type: Protocols

      Themes: Politics, Defence & Security, Politics and Diplomacy

      The SADC Protocol Against Corruption aims to promote and strengthen the development, within each Member State, of mechanisms needed to prevent, detect, punish and eradicate corruption in the public and private sector.

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    • SEOM September 2013 Swaziland Parliamentary Elections.

      Date Signed: 2013-10-11

      Type: Documents & Publications, Media Releases & Statements

      Themes: Themes, Politics, Defence & Security, Politics and Diplomacy

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    • Declaration concerning Firearms, Ammunition and other related materials (2001)

      Date Signed: 2001-03-09

      Type: Documents & Publications, Declarations

      Themes: Politics, Defence & Security, State Security, Public Security

      Recognising the negative impacts that illicit manufacture, use, trafficking, and stockpiling of firearms and ammunition have on a population, SADC Member States signed the Declaration Concerning Firearms, Ammunition and Other Related Materials in the Southern African Development Community.

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