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    • Declaration on Refugee Protection within Southern Africa (1998)

      Date Signed: 1998-01-01

      Type: Documents & Publications, Declarations

      Themes: Politics, Defence & Security, Public Security

      The SADC region has long hosted a large number of refugees from within the region and from other geographical areas. While SADC welcomes legitimate seekers of asylum, it also recognises that refugees are a symptom of economic and social imbalances. In line with their commitment to uphold universal human rights, SADC passed its Declaration on Refugee Protection, calling for the harmonisation of Member States’ national policies, laws, and procedures for refugees.

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    • Declaration on Terrorism (2002)

      Date Signed: 2002-01-14

      Type: Documents & Publications, Declarations

      Themes: Politics, Defence & Security, State Security

      Following acts of terrorism in the region, the African continent, and the wider world, SADC remains concerned about threats to the social and economic development and security of its Member States. Therefore, it passed its Declaration on Terrorism on 14th January 2002 as a formal statement of intent to eliminate terrorism and to foster security within the region and the world at large.

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    • Speech by H.E. President Jakaya Mrisho KikweteLaunching of the SIPO II, Arusha, Tanzania

      Date Signed: 2012-11-20

      Type: Documents & Publications, Speeches & Communiques

      Themes: Politics, Defence & Security, Politics and Diplomacy, Defence, Police (SARPCCO), State Security, Public Security, Regional Peacekeeping

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