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    • SADC Trade Related Facility Success Stories 2020.pdf

      Entry Into Force: 2020-12-09

      Date Signed: 2020-12-09

      Type: Newsletters, Media Releases & Statements

      Issues: Issues, Private Sector

      Themes: Economic Development, Trade in Goods, Private Sector, Trade in Services


    • 2009 Institutional Assessment SADC Roadmap Revision 2 (2011-05-10)

      Date Signed: 2011-05-10

      Type: Documents & Publications

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    • SADC Success Stories Portuguese

      Date Signed: 2018-03-08

      Type: Documents & Publications, Brochures, SADC Library Services, Speeches & Communiques, Media Releases & Statements

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    • Botswana - Beauty and the Beef

      Leeuport Oscar stands four-square in his stall at the 2015 Botswana National Agricultural Show. A ton of prime Simmentaler beef-cake, even without his blue rosette and sash there could be no doubting that he is a “Grand Champion”. Tshepo from Bothatogo, leans further over the railings, pushes his red Massey-Ferguson baseball cap to the back of his head with his motswiri (a Botswana knobkerrie), then clucks in admiration: “Mmmmm-hmmm!” he says “THAT is Botswana!”

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    • Complying with Technical Regulations for Market Access

      The world in which we live is increasingly complicated and high-tech. A century ago, we cooked with wood, lighted our homes with oil lamps and fertilised our crops with natural manure.  Life certainly had its hazards, but it was also relatively simple.

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