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    The Public Relations Unit of the Southern African Development Community SADC Secretariat supports public participation in the community as outlined by the SADC Declaration. In line with the SADC Treaty, it is responsible for the promotion of SADC and is therefore the lead executor of SADC corporate communications, including public and media relations, public affairs, protocol and special events management, thus the custodian of communications, branding and promotional strategies.

    The Unit develops plans and executes strategies aimed at generating, packaging and disseminating information with the view to creating an understanding of, and garner support for SADC aims, objectives, policies, strategies and activities.

    Thus, Public Relations Unit strives to establish and maintain lines of communication, mutual understanding, acceptance and co-operation between SADC and its internal and external publics/stakeholders.
    The overall objective of the Public Relations Unit is to ensure strategic guidance in the implementation of the SADC Communications and Promotional Strategy (SCPS), which is the blue print for the management of SADC public relationships with its stakeholders.

    The Unit aligns its activities to the organisation's policy documents, namely: The SADC Declaration and Treaty, the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) and the Strategic Indicative Plan of the Organ (SIPO), the Protocol on Culture, Information and Sports, the SADC Declaration on the Role of Information and Communications in Regional Development and Integration and the SADC Information and Communication Policy. It is from these that specific strategies and programmes are designed and implemented to address specific SADC-stakeholder issues.

    The Unit also liaises and facilitates the work of the SADC National Media Coordinators (SNMCs) who are responsible for SADC public information in their respective Member State.

    Every SADC Member State has two structures that can be contacted for SADC public information, namely, the SADC National Contact Point (SNCP) and the SADC National Media Coordinator (SNMC).






    Mr. António de Sousa

    National Director of Institucional Information and  Communication -  Ministry of Telecommunication, Information Technologies and Social Communication.

    Email: antonio.sousa@minttics.gov.ao

    Cell: +244923538411


    Ms. Gisela Inacio

    Director of International Relations - Ministry of Telecommunication, Information Technologies and Social Communication.

    Email: gisela.inacio@minttics.gov.ao

    Cell: +244923332769



    Osesenaqa Lekgoko

    Deputy Director

    Presidential Affairs Governance & Public Administration

    P/Bag 001


    Tel : +267 3698579

    Mobile : +267 77624060

    E-mail: oslekgoko@gov.bw



    Communication sent to

    Mr IMAM Abdillah

    SADC National Contact Point

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

    Tel : + 269 328 53 99 / +269 438 53 99

    Email: abdillahimam@gmail.com



    Mr. Andre Joseph Djate Nkoy

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Director of Information


    Tel: + 243 815 080 438/243 990 240 161

    Email: ankoy_2007@yahoo.fr



    Mr. Phesheya D. Dube

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Director, Information, Media Development

    Ministry of Information, Communications & Technology

    Inter-Ministerial Building #8

    Level 3 Mhlambanyatsi Road

    P O Box 642

    Mbabane, Eswatini

    Tel: + 268 2404-4022

    Fax : + 268 2404 0651

    Cell : + 268 7606 3761

    Email : dubephe@gov.sz



    Mr. Abeloang Ramakhula

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Chief Information Officer

    Email: ramakhula.ramakhula@gov.ls

    Tel/Fax : (+266) 22327026

    Cell : (+266) 63022457



    Mr Jean Patrick FENO

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    B.P 836

    Andriamifidy Street, Anosy

    101 - Antananarivo


    Tel: +261 34 49 555 08 

    Email : jaonouvelles@yahoo.fr



    Mr. Chikumbutso Mtumodzi

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Government Information and Communications Unit (GICU)

    Ministry of Information and Civic Education

    Private Bag 310


    Telephone: + 265 1 773 233 

    Fax : + 265 1 774 568

    Mobile: + +265 999 896 595



    Mr. Chikondi Chimala

    Government Information and Communications Unit (GICU)

    Ministry of Information and Civic Education

    Private Bag 310,

    Lilongwe, Malawi,

    Mobile : +265 999 551 000

    Email: chimalacc@gmail.com or  chikkochimala2000@yahoo.com  



    Mr Rama Krishna Veeramundar,

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Director Information Services

    Government Information Service

    Prime Minister’s Office

    Level 6, New Government Centre

    Port Louis, Mauritius

    Tel :   + 230 201 1879

    Fax :  + 230 208 8243

    E-mail: rudy.veeramundar@gmail.com

    Mobile: +230 5256 4838

    Office:  +230 201 1277

    Fax:   +230 201 2244



    Dr Mendes Joao Jose

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Director of Information and Communication

    780, Avenida Francisco Magumbwe

    Maputo, Mozambique

    Tel:    + 258 843 454 000

    Tel:    +258 823 454 000
    Email: mendes@mmutenda.com



    Elizabeth Amagola

    National Media Coordinator

    Tel: +26461-2832665

    Cell: 0811403288

    email: eamagola@gmail.com

    email: Elizabeth. Amagola@mict.gov.na


    CC: Herman Kangootui

    Chief Information Officer

    Media Monitoring and Analysis 

    Ministry of Information and Communication Technology 

    Tel: +26461-2832348

    Cell: +264811271460

    Email: Herman.Kangootui@mict.gov.na    



    Mr. Andre Butler Payette

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Press Attaché

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Republic of Seychelles

    Tel.: + 248) 4243646


    Email: apayette@mfa.gov.sc

    CC:    apayette@gov.sc


    Ms. Mmemme Mogotsi

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Deputy Director: International Media Engagement‎

    Government Communication and Information System

    Tshedimosetso House
    1035 Frances Baard & Festival Street
    Hatfield, Pretoria

    Cell:   +‎    27 72 856 4288‎  

    Tel:   +    27 12 473 0355

    Email:      mmemme@gcis.gov.za

    Website: www.gcis.gov.za



    Ms. Zamaradi Rashidi Kawawa

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Assistant Director – Department of Information Services

    Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports

    P O Box 25

    LAPF Building,

    40481 DODOMA

    Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

    Tel:     + 255 22 2125180 / +255 22 2125181

    Cell.:    + 255 754 698 856

    Fax:    + 255 22 2126834

    E-mail:   zamaradi.kawawa@habari.go.tz




    Susan Z. Ndumingu

    Chief Media Development Officer

    Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services

    Lusaka, Zambia

    Phone : (+260) -211-237151

    Mobile : +260966- 7642501 /+260977-750897

    Fax : (+260) 211-235410



    Dr. Ivanhoe Matengarufu Gurira

    SADC National Media Coordinator

    Principal Press Secretary

    Ministry of Information & Publicity

    P O Box CY1276

    Causeway, Harare

    Tel:    263 4 724078

              263 4 793891-4

    Cell:   263 011867333

    Email: commint09@gmail.com





    Journalism Groups

    Despite all the travel, health and visa concerns the SADC region is very accommodative to journalists wanting to cover stories in the region. Journalism networks such as Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA), the Inter Press Service community of rural and development journalists all provide good resources for journalists wanting to report on the various issues in the region. These networks can give you leads or insight in terms of the situation on the ground relating to the various issues they cover. 

    For more information, contact the SADC Public Relations Unit.