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    11 Dec, 2012

    SARCOF 16 Mid-Season Review

    Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), through the Infrastructure and Services Directorate is organizing the Sixteenth Southern Africa Climate Outlook Forum (SARCOF-16) Mid-season update and Media and Communication of climate information workshop, in Lusaka, Zambia, 05 -13 December 2012. 

    SARCOF-16 UPDATE is a collaborative effort between the SADC Climate Services Centre, African development Bank (AfDB) and other partners. The SARCOF-16 UPDATE forecast dissemination workshop is preceded by a 6-day Climate Experts Capacity Building Workshop of SADC National Meteorological/Hydrological Services (NMHSs) only, for the purposes of updating the 2012/13 seasonal climate forecast issued in August 2012.  

    Proper interpretation of seasonal climate forecasts and their application across various socio-economic decision-making processes still remains a challenge in the region.  It is, therefore, necessary that there is widespread stakeholder participation in the SARCOF process. This is a major priority of the process as it provides mutually beneficial interface between the climate information and prediction services practitioners and those that need to apply the products across a wide spectrum of socio-economic sectors. The SARCOF process is continuing to transform into an effective and reliable source for climate information and prediction services in order to fully exploit their potential for enhancing multi-sectoral, social and economic development.

    Read the official workshop annoucement