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    26 Mar, 2015

    SADC Annual Quality Award 2015

    The fifth  SADC Annual Quality Awards presentation ceremony was held on the evening of the 18th March 2015 at the Hotel Fleuve du Congo in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. The aim of the SADC Annual Quality Award competition is to recognize and appreciate organizations and individuals who are contributing to quality advancement in all sectors of industry by having measurement and quality systems, procedures and processes that are in line with local, regional and international best practices. The Award is divided into the following categories:


    *        Category 1:  Company of the year (Large Enterprise, Small and Medium Enterprise)

    *        Category 2:  Product of the year (Large Enterprise,  Small and Medium Enterprise)

    *        Category 3:  Service of the year (Large enterprise, Small and Medium Enterprise)

    *        Category 4:  Exporter of the year (Large Enterprise, Small and Medium Enterprise)

    *        Category 5:  Individual Award

    This year SADC Secretariat received fourteen (14) entries from three Member States, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. The judges meeting was held on the 9-10 February 2015 in Gaborone, Botswana. This year four categories attracted winners. SADC Secretariat  acknowledges the judges for their excellence and commitment demonstrated in the work they continue to do towards this process.

    The winning companies in 2014/2015 competition are:

     * Etosha Fishing Corporation from Namibia won two awards in two categories, namely Southern Africa company of the year and Soutern African Exporter of the year, respectively. Etosha Fishing Corporation was established in the 1940s, and  is a leading player in the Namibian fishing industry and considered to be one of the foremost round can production facilities in the world.

     *  Schweppes Zimbabwe from Zimbabwe claimed the prize in the Large Enterprise   Southern African Product of the year category. Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of non-carbonated, still beverages under licence from the Coca-Cola Company. The product portfolio currently includes cordials, fruit juices, bottled water and flavoured drinks.

     *  Nutriconsult LDA from Mozambique won an award for Small and Medium Enterpirse Southern African Service of the Year. NUTRICONSULT LDA is a private company founded in Mozambique in September 2010, which focuses on Consulting, Training and Auditing in the areas of Quality Management, Environment, Workplace Safety and Health, Hygiene, Food Safety and Nutrition.

     The SADC Annual Quality Awards have been running since 2011. SADC Member States that have participated include Angola, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Twenty  (20) enterprises have been granted awards within the different categories of the SADC Annual Quality Awards  representing the chemicals, agriculture, medical, transport, food processing (catering, breweries, meat and fisheries), security, energy, property and construction sectors.

     All Member States are encouraged to mobilise participation of more private and public sector in the SADC Annual Quality Awards.



    Winners of the SADC Annual Quality Award 2015: From the left Managing Director, Etosha Fishing Corporation from Namibia, Mr Peter Greeff; Etosha Fishing Corporation Quality Manager: Mrs Estelle Van Dyk; The Director General of the Office Congolais de Controle, Mr Albert Kasongo Mukonzo (Guest of Honour); Scweppes Zimbabwe SHEQ Executive: Ms Jane Bwerinofa, The representative of INNORQ on behalf of Nutriconsult LDA, Mr Geraldo Albasini;   Schweppes Zimbabwe Marketing and Public Affairs Manager Mrs Unaiswi Nleya and  Schweppes Zimbabwe General Manager, Mr Demos Mbauya.

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