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    20 Mar, 2013

    The SADC HIV and AIDS Fund

    The SADC regional HIV and AIDS Fund was established by SADC Heads of States and Government under the guidance of the Maseru Declaration to reaffirm the region’s commitment on the fight against HIV and AIDS.The Fund currently consists of contributions from SADC Member States. 

     Funding Principles

    The main objective of the Fund is to enhance the existing regional HIV and AIDS initiatives, without any disturbance on the existing financial flows to individual Member States. The management and administration of the Fund is lead by SADC Member States through an established Steering Committee and strictly adheres to the principles of transparency, accountability, good governance, efficiency in terms of cost and deployment of Funding, as well as professional management as prescribed under the SADC rules and procedures.It is to be used on small projects and interventions intended to enhance the capacity, output, or impact of existing HIV and AIDS programmes in Member states.

    Priority areas for funding

    Research projects or interventions to be funded shall be within the context of, and support the following instruments;

    · The Maseru Declaration on HIV and AIDS,

    · The SADC  HIV and AIDS Prevention Strategy

    · SADC HIV and AIDS Research Agenda

     The areas of priority should be in line with the regional priorities and should complement those in the countries.

    Update on the Implementation of the Fund

    For the first round of funding, 13 Projects amounting to a total budget of US$ 6,206,282 were approved and are currently under implementation in various SADC Member States.  The first disbursement started in July 2011 for a period of two years. As of February 2013, a total amount of USD 3,596,891.10, which represents 57.96% of total contract amount, had been disbursed to 12 approved projects. The call for submitted proposal for the second round will be published in March 2013 on the SADC Web Site

    Contact :

    SADC Secretariat
    Directorate of SHD- SP
    HIV and AIDS Program
    Private Bag 0095
    Gaborone Botswana
    Website: www.sadc.int
    Email: registry@sadc.int
    Tel.:+267-3951863/ 3641680/ 3641681

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