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  • Quotation for provision of video documentaries


    1.         SADC Secretariat is inviting videographer companies to submit a quotation for provision of video documentaries as detailed below;


    1.1. One High Definition 6-minute video documentary (HD422: 1920x1080/50i 50 Mb/s / HD: 1920x1080/50i, 35 Mb/s) focussing on the Multisectoral coordination mechanisms and overview on the implementation of high impact interventions that contributed to the reduction of stunting in the targeted area/district; (Interview with the National Coordinator for the stunting reduction programme);

    1.2.   OneHigh Definition 6-minute video documentary (HD422: 1920x1080/50i 50 Mb/s / HD: 1920x1080/50i, 35 Mb/s) explaining the operations/implementation of the stunting reduction programme (interviews with the district partners and beneficiaries of the programme);

    1.3.   Three High Definition 30 – 45 seconds social media video clips (HD422: 1920x1080/50i 50 Mb/s / HD: 1920x1080/50i, 35 Mb/s) of beneficiaries and government official talking about the value of the multi-sectoral stunting reduction programme;

    The produced material will be used by the Member States and the region at various platforms to share information and to advocate for implementation of high impact actions to address stunting.(See Annex. 1 – Terms of Reference).

    2.         You can only send one quotation for this requirement.

    3.         Your quotation should be submitted to email: stuntingvideography@sadc.int

    4.         The deadline for submission of your quotation, to the address indicated in Paragraph 3 is: 03rd September 2019; 14:00 Hours.

    5.         Quotations by Fax or E-mail are not acceptable.

    6.         Your quotation should be submitted as per the following instructions, and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Standard Purchase Order for SADC which is available on request.

    (i)        PRICES: The prices should be quoted in the local currency, including all duties attached to the sale of the goods (such as VAT, customs duties, etc.) and transport to the final destination.

    (ii)        EVALUATION AND AWARD OF PURCHASE ORDER: Quotations determined to be administrative (see Paragraph 2,3,4,5 and 6) and technically compliant to the requirements will be evaluated by comparison of their prices per lot (defined as above). The award will be made to the bidder offering an administratively and technically compliant quotation at the lowest total price for each lot separately.       

    (iii) You are requested to provide updated copies of Trading license, Tax Clearance Certificate and Certificate of Incorporation

    (iv)      VALIDITY OF THE OFFER: Your quotation should be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of deadline for submission of quotation indicated in Paragraph 4 above.

    7.         The Service is expected to be delivered within 7 daysfrom the signature of the Purchase Order or Contract. Specific delivery period must be indicated in your quotation.

    8.         Additional information and clarifications can be requested in writing, no later than 3 days prior to deadline indicated in the paragraph 4 above, from:   

    Procuring entity: SADC Secretariat

                            Contact person: Ms Pontsho Sepoloane

                            Telephone: +2673951863

                            Fax: +2673972848

                            E-mail:  psepoloane@sadc.int;

                            Copy: imoatshe@sadc.int;




    Name: Isaac Moatshe

    For/Head of Procurement

    Date:  20th August 2019