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  • Expression of interest Call for Vendor Registration as a SADC Elimination 8 Supplier/s
  • Expression of interest Call for Vendor Registration as a SADC Elimination 8 Supplier/s


    The SADC Elimination 8 Secretariat (E8 Secretariat) wishes to obtain Profiles from established companies and organisations willing to conduct business with E8 Secretariat in respect of supplying a variety of goods and services.  Companies and organisations are requested to submit relevant documents clearly indicating the types of goods and services[1] they wish to be registered to render.

    Pharmaceutical products and health commodities:

    • Malaria RDTs and ACTs
    • Gloves
    • Sharps
    • Medical appliances and laboratory equipment
    • Refurbished Containers etc
    • Goods:
    • Motor vehicles and motor cycles
    • Information Technology equipment
    • Office furniture, fittings and equipment
    • Office stationery and general supplies
    • Communications equipment
    • Gifts and promotional items
    • Consumables
    • Refreshments, etc
    • Services:
    • Audit services
    • Strategic Planning
    • HR Consultancy
    • IT Software Solutions
    • Translation Services (languages)
    • Car rental services
    • Third Party Logistic services
    • Supply of air tickets, transportation services and accommodation
    • Supply of decorations and corporate gifts
    • Alarm services and Monitoring
    • Cleaning Services
    • Advertising and Branding
    • Design, Printing and publication services
    • Database Development and Web Maintenance
    • Parcel collection and delivery services
    • Provision of short term training courses, symposiums and workshops
    • Interpretation Equipment Hire Servcies
    • Workshop Facilitation Services
    • Catering Services

    Interested Suppliers are encouraged to send a written confirmation of their interest to e-mail:

    procurement@elimination8.org in order to receive the Supplier's Registration Form & the Questionnaire.

    Mandatory Documents

    The documents outlined below are mandatory in in order to be eligible to participate:

    • Supplier Registration Form and Questionnaire
    • Certified copies of legal Documents:
    • Certificate of incorporation/Registration
    • Valid trading registration reflecting specific trade/business,
    • Valid Tax/VAT Certificate etc.
    • Commodities/Products lists and prices
    • Company profile (including list of key personnel, qualification, and experience, locations (main office, branches and/or outlets)
    • Three business references
    • Copy of financial statement for most recent 3 years (main pages of Balance Sheet, Income statement, & Cash Flow statement only ignoring notes). Audited statements preferred if available

    E8 Secretariat shall have the right to:

    • Ask for clarifications from the potential supplier(s) on any matter for which the E8 Secretariat requires clarification, and
    • Reject company profiles which do not adhere to the above

    Closing date: Monday, 30th April 2018.

    Enquiries: Gracia Mlazie (+264) 811597281

    Submissions can be hand delivered, in plain sealed envelopes marked “Procurement and Contracting Office: E8-EOI-001-2018: Selection of Suppliers” at our office, Channel Life Towers, 1st Floor, 39 Post Mall Street, Windhoek, Namibia.

    Submissions can also be made electronical to procurement@elimination8.org with the title “Procurement and Contracting Office: E8-EOI-001-2018:Selection of Suppliers” in the subject line.

    About Elimination 8

    The Elimination 8 is a SADC ministerial initiative, designed as a platform for regional collaboration towards malaria elimination within the SADC region. The eight countries, which make up the E8 are Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. These countries are highly interconnected by population movement as well as shared malaria ecologies, making it near impossible for one country to eliminate malaria without collaboration with its neighbours. The Ministers of Health of these eight countries have therefore committed to develop this platform for joint planning and accountability.

    Achieving elimination involves the design and meticulous execution of advanced disease and entomological surveillance systems, establishment of capacity for quality diagnosis, and control of parasite movement through the region’s porous borders. The E8 Ministerial and Technical Committees have developed a 5-year strategic plan to develop innovative, high impact programs that will steer the region closer to its goal of zero transmission of malaria by 2030. The E8 Initiative was designed to create an enabling environment for the eight-member states to jointly plan and monitor national and regional activities that are mutually reinforcing, and that accelerate the individual country goals of malaria elimination

    The Ministerial and Technical Committees of the E8 are supported by the SADC Elimination 8 Secretariat (E8 Secretariat), which coordinates diplomatic and programmatic collaboration between the eight countries. The Secretariat is also responsible for coordinating the execution of the Strategic Plan, in partnership with funding and technical partners of the E8. The Secretariat is based in Windhoek, Namibia. The E8S Secretariat Headquarters Office is responsible for E8S Secretariat policies and procedures. It is also responsible for all procurement and contracting actions

    The SADC Elimination 8 Secretariat has been awarded a regional grant by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund). The E8S Secretariat is the Principal Recipient (PR) for the grant, overseeing all functions of effective program performance and impact, robust financial management, and monitoring and evaluation. The E8S also has other sources of funding, e.g., the University of California/San Francisco’s Global Health Group and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    [1] Please note that the above list is not exhaustive.  Rather, it represents those goods and services which we are most likely to require.