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  • Implementation of IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM)


    Technical Assistance to the SADC Secretariat – Terms of Reference for SHORT TERM EXPERT (STE) to assist the SADC SECRETARIAT in the implementation of IT Service Continuity Management (ITSCM).

    The overall objective of this assignment is to support the Secretariat with the continued implementation of the Business Continuity Management System, with the implementation of ITSCM and facilitate the completion of business impact analyses and reporting for the remaining business units, and facilitating the development and testing of the business continuity plans. The expert will:

    1. Assist the SADC Secretariat in developing and maintaining the IT Service Continuity Plans and recovery plans
    2. Provide framework and templates for carrying out regular Business Impact Analysis (BIA) exercises to ensure that the plans remain aligned with changing business requirements
    3. Develop processes, procedures and tools for ITSCM for SADC Secretariat ICT Unit
    4. Assist in carrying out regular Risk Analysis and Management exercises to determine the potential for failure and identify and implement appropriate responses that meet agreed business continuity targets
    5. Assess the impact of changes on the production environments (hardware and software) and take appropriate action to continue to provide the required level of protection
    6. Ensure that appropriate third-party contracts and agreements are in place and kept up to date to maintain the continuity and recovery plans
    7. Proactively enhance recovery capabilities where it is cost-effective to do so
    8. Provide advice and guidance on continuity and recovery-related issues.

    This assignment is under Programme Estimate between the European Union and SADC and EU rules on procurement shall be followed in selecting the successful Expert. 3 CVs will be selected and requested to submit their offer under competitive negotiated procedure as per the EU rules.

    Qualification and Skills

    This assignment requires an expert with knowledge and experience in Business Continuity Planning and Testing and ICT Continuity Management design, implementation, planning and testing

    He/she Should possess:

    a)Degree in ICT or any other related field

    b)Professional qualification in Business Continuity Management

    c)Professional certification ITIL (beyond foundation level)

    d)Extensive knowledge and experience in ICT Continuity Management (BS25777 / ISO27031)

    e)Excellent presentation and communication skills


    General Professional Experience

     a) At least 8 years working experience with a focus on implementation of risk management and business continuity planning in public and private sector institutions

    b) At least 5 years working experience with ICT Continuity Management in public and private sector institutions


    Specific Professional Experience

    a) Demonstrated professional experience in undertaking business impact analysis for private and/or public sector institutions

    b) Demonstrated professional experience with the development and successful implementation of business continuity planning and testing

    c) Demonstrated professional experience with the development and successful implementation of ICT continuity planning and testing

    d) Demonstrated expertise in training in various institutions on IT service management.

     CVs will be evaluated against the following criteria:

    a) General qualifications and skills.

    b) General professional experience.

    c) Specific professional experience.


    Note that financial proposals are not required at this point of the selection process 

    Location of the Assignment: SADC Secretariat Gaborone, Botswana.

    Duration: This assignment is planned for a total of 70 days.


    More details on this assignment are available on the below attachment.