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  • Invitation to Prequalification: Regional Economic Integration Support Programme
  • Invitation to Prequalification: Regional Economic Integration Support Programme

    Invitation to Pre-qualification

    Technical Assistance to the SADC Regional Economic Integration Support Programme (REIS)

    Reference Number 


    Procurement entity


    Number and titles of lots



    SADC Secretariat, Western Commercial Road (near Lobatse and Siboni Roads), CBD Plot 54385,Private Bag 0095, Gaborone, BOTSWANA. 

    Maximum contract budget

    EURO 4,410,000.00.

    1. This Invitation to Prequalification follows the General Procurement Notice (Individual Service Contract Forecast) that appeared on SADC Secretariat website in November 2012 and DG-Market online of November 2012.

    2. The REIS is intended to further regional economic integration which is the key focus of 10th EDF EU-SADC cooperation and is based on the SADC Common Agenda and on the priorities set in its Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP). The proposed REIS will focus attention on two Protocols that are key to providing the basis for regional economic integration – the SADC Trade Protocol (STP) and the Finance and Investment Protocol (FIP) – and will also support negotiation and implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The REIS is intended to address implementation issues at the regional level and particularly in the SADC Secretariat.

    3. The REIS has been subject of an identification study in early 2011 and a formulation study at the end of 2011. The formulation study enabled the production of the Action Fiche and draft documentation (draft Contribution Agreement, Description of the Action and Work Plan) which were submitted to Brussels in early 2012. The REIS is a 4 year programme and is expected to commence in 2013 following the signature of a Contribution Agreement (CA) between the SADC Secretariat and the EU .

    4. The Overall Objective of the REIS Programme is to promote economic growth and poverty reduction in the SADC Region. This objective corresponds to the general objective of the RISDP and the various Protocols that constitute the basis of SADC’s regional integration Agenda.

    5. The Specific Objective of the Programme, is to create the enabling environment through the SADC Secretariat to enhance the movement of goods and services within SADC, facilitate investment, and secure WTO compatible market access arrangements between SADC EPA countries and the EU.

    6. The programme has three expected Results:
    a) Support provided to the implementation of the Finance and Investment Protocol 
    b) Support provided to the implementation of the regional trade agenda 
    c) Support provided to the negotiation and implementation of the SADC EPA

    7. The SADC Secretariat herewith invites companies/firms to submit Applications for prequalification for the following contract: Technical Assistance to the SADC Regional Economic Integration Support Programme (REIS) which will include the following key experts (KE):
    KE1 - Programme Coordinator (750 days)
    KE2 - Investment Expert (400 days)
    KE3 - Tax Coordination Expert (400 days)
    KE4- Technical Barriers to Trade/Standards Quality Assurance and Metrology/Sanitary and Phyto Sanitary Expert (400 days)
    KE5 - Economic Partnership Agreements Expert (750 days)

    8. In addition to the key experts the service contract will also include a provision for 1500 days of short term expert services. The specific nature of these services will be determined during project implementation. More details on the scope of the contract(s) are provided in the Prequalification document which can be downloaded, free of charge, from the website.

    9. The procurement method used for this contract is Quality and Cost Based Selection under the International Restricted Tender as defined in the SADC Secretariat Procurement Guidelines, August 2011 edition availableon the Procurement documentation page.

    10. The Invitation to Prequalification is open to all companies/firms which satisfy the eligibility and qualification requirements stated in section III of the Prequalification document.

    11. The closing time and date for submission of the Applications at the address indicated in the Prequalification Document is 14:00hrs local time on 18th January 2013. Proposals received after this time and date, or submitted otherwise than indicated in the Prequalification Document shall not be considered and shall be returned unopened.

    12. All notifications concerning this procurement process, including: modification of the Prequalification Document, results of the evaluation, shortlisting or cancellation notices, Requests for clarification and the respective responses will be published on the following website: 

    13. Interested companies/firms may seek clarification or/and additional information concerning this prequalification, only in writing (or by email) and by latest 16:30hrs local time Wednesday, 19th December 2012 from the following contact points:

    Head of Procurement 
    Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat
    CBD Plot 54385
    Room DGP11 on Ground Floor
    City: Gaborone 
    Country: Botswana
    Phone: +2673951863
    Fax: +2673972848/3181070
    Mobile: +26773693500
    Email: smmadi@sadc.int
    Attention: Mr. Snowden Mmadi

    With copy to: ggwaza@sadc.int
    Attention: Mr. Gift Mike Gwaza


    Please note that the current call for prequalification is launched under a suspensive clause pending the signature of the Contribution Agreement (CA). If for any reason the CA is not signed this tender process will be cancelled and the SADC Secretariat will accept no responsibility for any of the costs incurred by consultancy firms in pursuing this tender.

    Responses to Requests for Clarifications

    Clarifications on this opportunity are available on the Responses to requests on clarifications page.