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  • Procurement of an Electronic Records Management System

    Invitation for Pre-qualification

    Procurement of An Electronic Records Management System

    Reference Number: SADC/RMU/01/2016

    Reference Number 


    Procurement entity


    Number and titles of lots: One Lot


    SADC Secretariat, CBD Plot 54385, Private Bag 0095, Gaborone, BOTSWANA.

    Maximum budget

    The maximum budget for this assignment is US$580,000.

    1. SADC Secretariat is in the process of strengthening its record management capacity. In this framework, the SADC Secretariat intends implementing an Electronic Record Management system that can facilitate the SADC Secretariat’s process of managing records. The system will provide a platform for management, compilation, monitoring and utilization of records in the SADC Secretariat.

    2. The requirements outlined are in-line with the internationally acceptable best practice for managing records and is designed to capture and manage all official SADC Secretariat records regardless of format. Therefore, the ERMS will incorporate records which are paper, scanned, emails and in electronic format such as MS Word documents and spreadsheets, including those records that are created internally by the Secretariat. The following records management business processes have been defined as in scope:

    a) Registration and Distribution of official mail correspondence received by the registry (and records created internally) in paper and/or digital formats including the full utilization of the workflow management system.

    b) Indexing of registered records using standardized naming conventions, classification, metadata and retention.

    c) Maintaining and Access control, integrity and authenticity of SADC Secretariat records (electronic records and circulation paper records) by tracking the location and authorized system users, including maintaining audit trails.

    d) Disposal actions such as archiving and/or file destruction and creating the interface from Records Management to Archives Administration by applying retention schedules.

    e) Search and Retrieve records held in the ERMS repository by providing read only access to authorized SADC Secretariat staff. This also includes the production statistical information and reports.

    f)  Archiving Management of records held in the Secretariat.

      1. It is expected of the ERMS to adhere to SADC Secretariat records management policies, procedures, file classification scheme and retention schedule.
      2. The supplier will provide the requirements for any supporting hardware and software such as servers and scanning/imaging to the ERMS solution.
      3. The solution shall cover the digitalization of a large body of archived record (several millions.
      4. The solution shall cover the migration of a large body of electronic record through existing SADC IT systems (such as Sage – VIP system; SUNSYSTEMS; etc.).
      5. The solution should be compliant to several international standards such as ISO 15489, ISO ISO 18014, ISO 23081, MoReq 2, DoD 5015.2 Chapter 2, Dublin Core Metadata and VERS Australian Metadata standards.
      6. SADC is looking for the service of a reputable firm to provide this internationally tested electronic record management system. The main effort is to go from paper-based record management practice to a mix-practice before moving – at a later stage – to a paper-less record environment.

    This acquisition procedure covers:

    a) Pre-customization consulting

    b) Hardware requirements (servers, etc.) & hardware configuration

    c) Implementation of the customized e-RMS for about 400 users

    d) Digitalization of multi-million SADC records and migration of existing e-record to the new system

    e) Testing end-to-end proposed solution

    f) Implementation of a change management plan (including staff training, training of internal trainers, documentations & manual hand-over)

    g) SLA agreement.

    The SADC Secretariat now invites interested reputable firms to submit Applications for prequalification for the following contract:

    Procurement of An Electronic Records Management System

    Detailed terms of reference will be made available to short-listed companies.

    9. More details on the scope of the contract are provided in the Prequalification document which can be downloaded, free of charge, from the SADC website: www.sadc.int

    10. The procurement method used for this contract is International Restricted Tendering and the Selection method is price, i.e. while satisfying the eligibility, qualification and evaluation criteria, award is given to the firm that quotes the lowest price as defined in the SADC Secretariat Procurement Guidelines, August 2011 edition available on the Procurement documentation page of the SADC website.

    11. The Invitation for Prequalification is open to all companies/firms which satisfy the eligibility and qualification requirements stated in section III of the Prequalification document.

    12. The closing time and date for submission of the Applications at the address indicated in the Prequalification Document is 15:00hrs local time on 21st October 2016. Applications for prequalification received after this time and date, or submitted otherwise than indicated in the Prequalification Document, shall not be considered and shall be returned unopened.

    13. All notifications concerning this procurement process, including: Prequalification Document, modification of the Prequalification Document, results of the evaluation, shortlisting or cancellation notices, requests for clarification and the respective responses will be published on the following website: https://www.sadc.int/opportunities/procurement/open-procurement-opportunities/

    14. Interested companies/firms may seek clarification or/and additional information concerning this prequalification, only in writing (or by email) and by latest 16:30hrs local time, 7th October 2016 from the following contact points:

    Head of Procurement 
    Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat
    CBD Plot 54385
    Room DGP11 on Ground Floor
    City: Gaborone 
    Country: Botswana
    Phone: +2673951863
    Fax: +2673972848/3181070

    Email: tluka@sadc.int
    Attention: Mr. Ted Luka

    With copy to: ggwaza@sadc.int Attention: Mr. Gift Gwaza

    Responses to Requests for Clarifications

    Responses to requests for clarifications on this opportunity will be published on this same page of the SADC website before 16:30hrs local time, 14th October 2016