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  • Technical Assistance to the SADC Secretariat Trade Related Facility


    Technical Assistance to the SADC Secretariat

    Trade Related Facility (TRF)

    1. Publication reference


    2. Procedure

    International restricted tender

    Acquisition of the services of Consultants will follow the SADC Secretariat's Rules and Procedures for the Use of Consultants

    3. Programme

    10th EDF

    4. Financing

    Contribution Agreement

    5. Contracting Authority

    The Executive Secretary, SADC Secretariat, Private Bag 0095, Gaborone, BOTSWANA.

    6. Nature of contract

    Technical Assistance

    7. Programme description

    The SADC TRF will provide a financial incentive to SADC Member States to assist them to implement the commitments they made under the SADC Trade Protocol (STP) and Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) with the EU. This will enhance the process of regional integration and strengthen the region’s trade competitiveness globally. The TRF will be created through a Contribution Agreement between the EU and SADC. A Facility Support Unit (FSU) will be formed through a service contract following SADC procedures to manage the TRF activities. The support will be in the form of financial incentives paid after achievement of clearly identified milestones and be based on a plan with activities and detailed costs.

    Overall Objective: To improve the participation of SADC Member States in regional and international trade in order to contribute to sustainable development in the SADC region.

    Specific Objective: To enhance the implementation of the STP and the SADC EPA to increase intra-regional and inter-regional trade flows of the concerned SADC Member States.

    The expected key results of the TRF are:

    Key result 1 (STP Window): Higher level of compliance and implementation of the STP’s commitments by the SADC Member States is achieved.

    Key result 2 (EPA Window): SADC EPA Member States are better prepared to effectively implement and monitor the EPA and benefit from it, particularly in terms of improved market access.

    In addition to a Programme Manager, four long-term technical advisers will be recruited to support the programme in the following areas: SADC Trade Protocol; Economic Partnership Agreements; Monitoring and Evaluation and Finance and Administration. All positions will be for 5 years. In addition there will be a substantial provision for short-term technical expertise.

    8. Indicative maximum budget

    EUR 6,800,000 (long-term technical assistance and short-term technical assistance)

    9. Provisional timing

    The invitation to prequalification is scheduled for publication in February 2014.

    Invitation to tender is planned for April/May 2014

    Mobilisation of consultants is planned for September 2014

    10. Additional information

    The service contract will be tendered as one lot