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  • Application Process and Guidelines

    Eligibility links

    Eligible Territories & Entities 

    Principal Criteria and Indicators

    Project Selection

    Application Process and Guidelines

    Project Review and Approval Process

    Disbursements, Monitoring and Evaluation


    Timing for Applications

    Applications will be open at any time as long as projects and applicants fulfil the eligibility requirements  (eligible territories & entities).

    Process for Submitting Applications

    At any time of the year, projects and applicants that fulfil the eligibility requirements (eligible territories & entities) can submit applications to the Fund using the application form (application process).

    The completed Fund application form and all accompanying documentations shall be submitted in electronic pdf format to the FMU.

    Each application shall be accompanied by a covering letter on the applicant’s letterhead and signed off by duly authorised persons.

    Upon receipt of any application and before commencing with any reviews, evaluations or assessments, the FMU shall record the application, acknowledge receipt to the applicant’s contact person and, for the records only, inform the Fund Management Board in writing via electronic communication.

    The AR shall be required to explain the merits of each project as well as the weak points, if any, against all the principal projects evaluation criteria. 

    The PMB decision to approval projects for financing will be informed by a comparative and qualitative analysis of the ARs against the Fund objectives and principal criteria.

    The KfW shall be required to give a No Objection (NO) to the projects approved by the PMB.

    The FMU and DBSA will be in charge of contractual and management procedures for the projects approved for finance.

    The Modalities for the Contractual Phase, Grant implementation and procurement, and disbursement are described in the following sections.