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    Eligible Territories & Entities 

    Principal Criteria and Indicators

    Project Selection

    Application Process and Guidelines

    Project Review and Approval Process

    Disbursements, Monitoring and Evaluation


    Process for the assessment of applications

    After the recording of an application, acknowledgement of receipt and informing the Project (Fund) Management Board (PMB), the FMU shall commence with the assessment of applications using the internal resources of the FMU and back office support services available from the Implementing Agent (the DBSA).

    The duration for the completion of each assessment shall vary and will depend on the number of applications, the information made available in the application forms and accompanying documentation, and extent of engagements with each Applicant during the assessment process.

    However, as a guide, the FMU shall endeavour to complete the assessment of each project within four (4) to eight (8) weeks from the date of acknowledging receipt to the Applicant.
    The following is the envisaged process for the assessment of applications:

    Step 1: Verify the compliance to eligibility requirements outlined in Section 6.1;

    Step 2: Where there are gaps in complying with the eligibility requirements, inform the applicant and seek clarification.

    Step 3: Once the compliance to eligibility requirements is fulfilled, undertake a desktop assessment of each application and accompanying documentation in accordance with the requirements of the application form in annex 2 and the principal criteria outlined in Chapter 4. After the completion of Step 3, the FMU shall compile an Early Assessment Report (EAR) for each project.

    Step 4: Where there are gaps and/or authenticity issues in the EAR, engage Applicants via electronic and telephonic communications and finalise the DAR.

    Process for the selection and approval of projects

    The selection of projects shall be guided by the Early Assessment Reports (EARs) produced by the FMU.

    The FMU shall present the EARs for all applications to the PMB and recommendations to appraise through detailed due diligence process.

    The due diligence process shall also include the FMU undertaking validation missions prior to compiling an Appraisal Report (AR) for each project.

    The FMU shall be responsible for preparing ARs for all projects and submission to the PMB for the final decision on financing.