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    Eligibility links

    Eligible Territories & Entities 

    Principal Criteria and Indicators

    Project Selection

    Application Process and Guidelines

    Project Review and Approval Process

    Disbursements, Monitoring and Evaluation


    Project Selection

    Projects are selected from the SADC master plan, SADC initiatives such as North South Corridor projects

    The applicant must be an established water utility in the country supported by the government department with the water portfolio  in that country

    After assessing the feasibility study the application is then submitted to the PMB.

    If accepted a mission to the country is then carried out to outline the various factors

    A financing agreement is then entered into between DBSA, the government and the water utility 

    The various agreements are cross- checked with KfW.

    Focus Areas that the SADC Regional Water Fund can Respond to

    Regional Integration 

    RISDP Thematic Areas

    Regional industrialisation Value chains

    Prioritised regional development corridors for acceleration (e.g., North-South Corridor, Beira Corridor, etc.)