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    Planning and Programming

    The mandate of the Directorate of Policy, Planning and Resources Mobilisation (PPRM) is to serve the SADC Secretariat as the lead structure on: Strategy Development, Policy Analysis, Planning and Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Strategic Partnerships. The Directorate also assists the executive management in coordinating implementation of the regional priorities at Member State level through the SADC National Committees (SNCs), and at continental and Regional Economic Community level, through AU/NEPAD initiatives, other Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and other stakeholders.

    Strategic Objectives

    The Strategic Objectives of the Directorate of Policy, Planning and Resources Mobilisation (PPRM) are to:

    1. Strengthen SADC’s priority setting, resource allocation, and programming management towards SADC's objective;
    2. Explore, securing and developing sustainable financing mechanisms of the Revised RISDP and SADC projects and programmes;
    3. Support evidenced based monitoring and reporting of progress in priority areas of the SADC Development Agenda;
    4. Support the policy and strategy formulation process within the SADC Secretariat in consultation with Member States;
    5. Promote the role of a policy think-tank within the SADC Secretariat on key Regional Integration issues in collaboration with regional and international research networks; and
    6. Promote improved human capabilities for socio-economic development.

    Specific Objectives

    The specific objectives are to:

    1. Improve Planning, Reporting and Management of Programmes and Projects;
    2. Increase Innovative Sources of mobilising resources;
    3. Develop the capacity of staff and stakeholders to effectively and efficiently initiate, design, execute and close projects and programmes;
    4. Improve Planning, Reporting and Management of Programmes and Project;
    5. Improve human capacities for socio-economic development; and
    6. Improve quality of regional statistics.


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